Der Liberty Blue Mikrowellen-Peptid-Synthesizer ist der meistverkaufte Peptid-Synthesizer der Welt. Er zeichnet sich durch eine Zykluszeit von 4 Minuten und eine 90%ige Lösemittelreduktion auf Basis der im Jahr 2013 entwickelten High Efficiency Solid Phase Peptide Synthese (HE-SPPS) aus.


  • Synthese von Standard- und komplexen Peptiden
  • Verzweigte Peptide
  • Zyklisierte Peptide
  • Disulfidbindung
  • Glycopeptide (N/O-verbunden)
  • Hochdurchsatz-Synthese
  • N-Methyl-Peptide
  • Peptid-Thioester
  • Peptoide
  • Phosphopeptide
  • PNA
Peptide Applications Guide

Cyclic disulfide-bridged peptides can be prepared rapidly with good purity using microwave-enhanced SPPS on the Liberty Blue automated microwave peptide synthesizer. Synthesis of the peptide hormone oxytocin was achieved in under 3 h with 69% purity. Preparation of a peptide agonist of BMP receptor activin-like kinase 3 (Alk3), THR-123, was completed in 3 h with 77% purity. CHEC-7, a neuroprotective peptide inhibitor of amyloidogenesis, was prepared in under 3 h with 80% purity. Finally, a peptide venom from cone snails containing two disulfide bridges (conotoxin-SI) was synthesized in under 4 h with 67% purity.

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The Liberty Blue can accomodate a wide range of post-synthetic modifications such as N-terminal acetylation.  Microwave-enhanced SPPS on the Liberty Blue produced nonacetylated and acetylated peptides at 78% and 72% respecitivly with a combined time of 2 hr 16 min and a total of < 200 mL of main wash (DMF) consumed.

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Glycopeptides containing O-linked glycans can be synthesized quickly with good purity using microwave-enhanced SPPS. Preparation of a peptide substrate of WbwA (a sialic acid glycosyltransferase), was completed in 3 h 10 min with 68% purity on the Liberty Blue automated microwave peptide synthesizer. Synthesis of an analog of APF (antiproliferative factor) conjugated to the TUS nuclear localization sequence was achieved in 1 h 8 min with 73% purity using the Liberty PRIME automated microwave peptide synthesizer.

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Fully automated synthesis of head-to-tail cyclized peptides can be performed rapidly and with excellent purity using the Liberty Blue and Liberty PRIME peptide synthesizers. Microwave SPPS benefits not only the linear assembly but also the subsequent cyclization step with exceptional purity achieved on a variety of difficult biologically important peptides. The one-pot Fmoc SPPS cycles used on the Liberty PRIME provide even further benefit for synthesis time and waste reduction.

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This application note demonstrates that His(Boc) is a powerful His derivative that can be effectively coupled at 90 °C, providing favorable crude purity while both decreasing coupling time and dramatically reducing epimerization. Fmoc-His(Boc)-OH is widely available as compared to other epimerization suppressing Nπ protected derivatives while maintaining comparable synthetic performance. In summary, the key benefits of Fmoc-His(Boc)-OH are:

  • Commercial bulk availability and competitive price relative to Fmoc-His(Trt)-OH.
  • Low epimerization levels at elevated temperatures; coupling temperatures of 50 °C and below make Fmoc-His(Boc)-OH applicable for use in the synthesis of active pharmaceutical ingredients and avoiding complex coupling reagents and conditions.
  • Excellent solution stability; comparable to Fmoc-His(π-Mbom)-OH and greater than Fmoc-His(Trt)-OH.

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